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Renuka Patel, NP-C is a board certified full practice nurse practitioner. She has been a nurse practitioner since since 2008, and she has been a nurse since 2002, with previous experience in family medicine, vascular medicine, cardiology prior to her journey into integrative medicine. As a mother of two college aged kids and one teenager, she understands the importance of self-confidence and wants to ensure her patients are healthy and happy. As a nature lover she enjoys biking and hiking with her family in her spare time. 


Hello friends, 

I’m Renuka Patel, FNP and I’m glad you’re here. Since 2008, I have been a practicing board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner with a passion for direct patient care. My interest in the medical field began with a desire to help others through medicine. I wanted to make a real difference in the lives of my patients. However, after practicing conventional medicine and chronic disease management for over 12 years, I yearned for something more. I became interested in integrative medicine and began to understand how aging affects one's physical and mental health. Although aesthetic medicine is full of fancy buzzwords that seem luxurious, I came to realize that it is truly grounded in improving patients' self-confidence, boosting their morale, and overall improving their mental health. An empowered patient is one who can truly take care of themselves from the inside out. l love the fact that I can work in an untraditional environment really connect with my patients and reinvigorate patients with the confidence they deserve. I am so excited to build meaningful and trusting relationships with my patients and cannot wait to meet you!




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