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Our Approach

The dynamic nature of the healthcare industry has introduced hurdles for both patients and healthcare professionals. Extended wait times and brief office visits have hindered the establishment of enduring, significant relationships between you and your provider. Consequently, this has led to a rise in chronic health concerns and a more reactive, symptom-centric approach to healthcare.

TrueCare is committed to offering patient-centered care that addresses these issues. Our services are characterized by reduced wait times, enhanced availability, and increased in-person interactions with your healthcare provider. Moreover, we are dedicated to maintaining an open line of communication, ensuring your provider is readily accessible via phone, text, video, or email in between your scheduled appointments.

Here's How it Works: 

Getting Started:

Initiating your journey with us is easy. Begin with a 15-minute free consultation call to determine if our services align with your needs. If you're ready to start with TrueCare, feel free to contact us or conveniently schedule an appointment online. We offer both in-person consultations and telehealth visits through our secure telehealth platform.


Our comprehensive initial consultation, lasting 60 minutes, delves deep into your medical and social history. We engage in detailed discussions about your diet and exercise routines, perform a thorough assessment, and, if necessary, arrange for essential lab tests.

Identifying the Underlying Causes of Health Issues:

Once we have gathered a wealth of information through your history, physical examination, and lab testing, we embark on a meticulous analysis to unveil the root causes of your health concerns.

Developing an Improvement Plan:

Subsequent appointments involve sharing our findings with you and crafting a personalized plan to restore balance, address your specific concerns, and set you on a path to optimal health and wellness. Should the need arise, we can make suitable referrals to specialists or alternative therapies.

Monitoring Your Health Progress:

Our care team remains actively engaged in tracking your progress through our secure communication platform. You can access our patient portal, or we can connect via email or phone check-ins to address any inquiries or make adjustments to your improvement plan. Our primary aim is to provide unwavering support and encouragement as you work toward maintaining a healthy, balanced life over the long term.

Acute Care Visits:

For unexpected health issues, rest assured that your team is readily available to address your concerns. Our streamlined office setup ensures swift access to your provider for time-sensitive health matters. In the event of a life-threatening emergency or an urgent issue, please seek immediate care at a hospital, urgent care center, or dial 911.

Billing and Fees:

TrueCare Medicine operates on a direct billing model, which means we do not bill insurance companies. Instead, the cost of our services will be invoiced directly to you. We provide a detailed billing summary that you can submit to your insurance provider for potential reimbursement. All our services are eligible for Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) and Health Savings Accounts (HSA). We accept payments via credit card. Consultations are priced at $225, while follow-up visits are $100.

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