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Anxiety and depression are common mental health conditions. Anxiety is characterized by excessive worry and heightened stress, while depression involves persistent feelings of sadness and a loss of interest or pleasure in daily activities. Both conditions can significantly impact a person's emotional well-being and daily functioning.


Your mental well-being encompasses your emotional, social, and physical health. Mental health conditions, like anxiety and depression, often disrupt your cognitive and emotional processes, affecting your interactions with others. At TrueCARE Integrative Medicine in Glenview, Illinois, our approach is rooted in addressing the underlying causes of these conditions rather than merely alleviating symptoms.

Mental Health

Mental health encompasses our emotional, psychological, and social well-being, shaping our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. It plays a pivotal role in how we cope with stress, form connections, and make life choices, impacting every stage from childhood through adulthood.

Various elements can influence mental health challenges, including:

  • Biological factors like genetics and brain chemistry.

  • Life experiences, encompassing trauma and abuse.

  • Unhealthy lifestyle habits, such as a diet heavy in processed and junk food, nutritional imbalances, sedentary behavior, smoking, and hormonal irregularities.

  • A family history of mental health issues.

Common Mental Health Conditions


Anxiety is a natural emotional reaction that induces fear and worry when confronted with stressful situations. Typically, it subsides once the stressor dissipates. However, an anxiety disorder may be present if persistent feelings of nervousness, fear, or worry persist in response to everyday challenges. Ms. Patel specializes in assisting patients contending with anxiety disorders.


Depression is a mood disorder that results in enduring sensations of sadness and hopelessness, significantly affecting daily life. In the throes of such profound despair, it may seem impossible to find relief. Yet, with the appropriate treatment, relief from depression symptoms becomes attainable.

What can I expect during an evaluation for anxiety and depression? 

Before your first appointment at TrueCARE Integrative Medicine, Ms. Patel conducts a brief 15-minute phone evaluation to understand your specific needs and provide insights into her approach to care.

Ms. Patel's approach is integrative, focusing on your overall well-being rather than solely addressing anxiety or depression symptoms. During your visit, she engages in in-depth conversations about your emotional well-being and its impact on your daily life.

She delves into your regular dietary choices, daily routines, and exercise patterns, and reviews your complete medical and mental health history. Furthermore, Ms. Patel conducts a comprehensive physical examination and administers extensive lab tests, all aimed at pinpointing the root causes of your mental health symptoms.

What integrative treatments can improve my anxiety and depression? 

At TrueCARE Integrative Medicine, we integrate the best of Western medicine with alternative therapies to provide you with comprehensive and well-rounded care.

Our treatment options for alleviating anxiety and depression encompass:

  • Nutrition therapy

  • Targeted nutritional supplements

  • Tailored exercise programs

  • Effective stress management techniques

  • Talk therapy

  • Carefully considered psychiatric medications

Our overarching objective is to develop a personalized treatment plan that addresses the underlying causes of your symptoms, leading to a resolution of your mental health challenges.

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